At River Oaks Chiropractic we strive to deliver nothing but the best natural health care.

You can expect all of our practitioners to do a thorough exam and history at your first visit. In addition, each practitioner is well equipped with multiple treatment methods and modalities to ensure that your treatment is specifically tailored to your needs.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Both of our Chiropractors ensure that all of your health care needs are met through a thorough history and exam at your first visit. It is important to let your Chiropractor know about all your health conditions, even if they do not seem to be related to condition for which you are seeking care. The first visit is approximately 45 minutes in length, and includes a treatment unless a referral to another health care professional or x-rays is required. X-rays are not required for every patient. Once the Chiropractor has done your history and examination she will clearly explain all the findings to you including whether x-rays or a referral to another practitioner is required, what your treatments in our office will include, how often, and for how long. Each treatment visit after your first visit ranges from 10-15 minutes or longer depending on the areas being addressed.


Orthotic inserts are done through our Chiropractors and include a detailed history and examination. All orthotics are cast from foam molds, and then sent to a lab with the Chiropractors findings to be made. Typically, the orthotics are returned to our office from the lab within two weeks from the day of the assessment. Orthotic fitting visits are approximately 30 minutes long.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Your initial assessment is one-on-one in a private room with our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Meera. It will be approximately 60 minutes long. Depending on your injury or symptoms, your assessment may include an internal pelvic assessment. An internal pelvic assessment is the best way to properly assess what is happening with the muscles, organs and connective tissue in the pelvis. Our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist can assess tone and strength, prolapse and function. This exam may be highly recommended for your particular issue, however, if you are uncomfortable with this type of assessment, speak with Meera about the pros and cons for you. Together, you can decide if it is something that can wait, something that really should be done sooner, or if you can be successfully treated with external treatment options. 

Our goal at River Oaks is to make you feel comfortable while providing you with the best possible treatment and care. Open communication is essential. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with Meera during your assessment.

Our clinic is temporarily CLOSED until at least April 8, 2020 due to COVID-19.

Please check our website regularly for re-opening dates.

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  • "I want to thank you for providing the most comprehensive care I've ever experienced in a health and wellness service. When I came to you over a year ago, it didn't take long for me to realize I was in good hands."
    Anonymous - / Oakville, ON

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